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dna repatterning

DNA Repatterning is a multifaceted, multidimensional, highly effective process of removing the emotional blocks that keep you from manifesting your true-life purpose in alignment with the universe at this time. You will be given tools that you can use to create Abundance in all areas of your life: Financially, Physically, Emotionally, Relationships, and Spiritually.

Through the use of protocols designed specifically for you to access your core issues, you will receive self empowering information that can be utilized for your personal transformation by looking at Archetypes, Astrological influences, Planets, the North and South Node, the Star Systems that are out of balance, and the wounds and gifts of Chiron. You will learn how to consistently remove any blocks in any area of your life, on every level, so that you will gain access to your original Blueprint of creation and connection in the Universe!

Incredible cutting edge healing techniques are now available through the use of Energy Interference Repatterning of DNA. This is a profound regenerating and restorative process. Through the use of the Chinese 5 Elements and the Chakras we will access the trapped negative energy in your Spinal Column neutralize and release that energy, replacing it your original blueprint energy cell of Love. We will look at your past, present and future along with your primary beliefs for you to learn how to locate and release negative patterns, karma, trauma, phobias, difficult relationships, restoring your life energy flow.

Through the use of the DNA Integration process we can repair and replace genes. You will experience DNA Activation taking you from a 2 strand Low vibrational being, waking up your ten multiple heavenly strands to connect you with your higher self, becoming whole and complete. This process works with Cancer, viruses, and genetic disease patterns, Emotional genes, morphogenetic fields, holographic memory, and our biological clock. You will remove and replace all vibrational disturbances and diseases creating balance and wholeness in your life bringing you to a new level of understanding and a higher energetic vibration giving you the space access ascension moving from the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions. You will experience actual physical, structural transformation through the utilization and integration of these processes.

Rapid Healing is available through the Mathematical Reconstruction of DNA. As you move into the profound 5th dimensional healing realm we will work with the low vibration being held within the Evolved Cell System. Energy and Matter are interchangeable. We look at the Interrelationships between Universal Energy, Parallel Universes, Adamantine Particles, the Key of Seven, the Key of Twelve, Platonic Solids, the Golden Mean Ratio, the Past, Present and Future to create harmony and balance so that no disease or disturbance can remain. Living Math is a healing technique that utilizes the gifts of the Right Brain; the power of symbols awakening our Intuition, imagination and creativity. It awakens our awareness of the hidden language of healing, available in mathematical frequencies. You will receive Lightbody Activation through this process.

DNA repatterning and reprogramming is a cutting edge healing information and transformational technique that is available by private sessions. The sessions can be over the phone as well as in person with incredible results!

The initial session is usually 1 1/2 to 2 hours long. We will look at what your needs are with regards to the type of work we will be doing. Initial session cost $95.00. Additional sessions and processes are $75.00 an hour. Give yourself the gift of the Ancient Secrets of Manifestation and Creation today!

Call 707-773-3154 or email for an appointment.

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