Trinity Domino
707 773-3154
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Petaluma, CA, USA.

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Trinity Domino - Bio

altar your reality

altar your reality

altar your reality
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Trinity Domino, mother, High Priestess, co-creator with Divine Spirit, is a simple woman dedicated to the creation of Sacred Space by Altaring Reality.

An Interior Designer by Degree, Trinity has created and maintained her own business, Domino Designs, for the past 27 years.

She is constantly engaged in her healing process, creating balance of the masculine and feminine principles within herself, in all relationships and the community. For the past 11 years she has studied healing modalities, awakened and enhanced her Intuitive abilities through an ongoing deep commitment to participating in cutting edge Spirtual Education, receiving certification as an Energetic Practitioner for DNA Repatterning. Through the creation of her latest business, ALTAR YOUR REALITY, she finds that the wealth of information and experience she has to offer using her intuitive abilities, the opportunity to heal the planet by creating Beauty, expressing Love, and living the Truth, is being more clearly expressed.

Altar Your Reality brings "Living Altars" into public venues where there is a need for Sacred Space, offering people an experience of the beautiful possibility that they may fnd peace within themselves amidst the chaos of everyday mundane living.

Credentials and qualifications

AA Interior Design - J.F.K. University 1987

Foundation for Spiritual Developement - Founding Member 1999

DNA Practitioner - Certified Nov. 2003 - Possibities DNA Vibrational Healing School

Universal Life Minister 2003